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Plastic Lumber Transformer Base

Plastic lumber has been used in utility formats for many years including industrial and consumer applications.  The ideal application for this durable material includes outdoor, high moisture and extreme condition environments.  The extremely resilient nature of this pure synthetic lumber offers incredible longevity even in the most harsh conditions.

  • Not effected by moisture / can be fully submerged
  • Will Not Rot / Cannot be infested by bugs

Electrical applications such as transformer base’s require this type of extreme durability and additionally the work-ability that this material offers.  Contractors and large manufacturers alike are offered and afforded the ability to take advantage of the benefits of this benefit rich lumber.

  • Use common woodworking tools
  • Drills easily
  • Cuts easily
  • Can hold fasteners of all kinds

Similar to natural wood, this synthetic competitor has the same overall look and feel while offering the additional benefits.  Common profile match us identically to the wood market with profiles like 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 and many more.

  • Available in common profiles
  • Available in custom profiles
  • Available in custom lengths



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Plastic Lumber Central Air Conditioner Ground Blocks

Many applications require a material that won’t rot, and can’t be infested with pests.  Plastic lumber made from post consumer materials is the perfect product for many of these applications.

Outside air conditioners often need to sit atop such material to keep them off the ground and level.


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Plastic Lumber Parking Stops

when you need a parking stop, price and durability and the key benefits that are sought after.  Shipping from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is some of the finest parking stops available when it comes to quality and price.  Made from true post consumer recycled plastics these durable parking stops are available in custom links as well as standard sizes.  Available to ship very quickly these stops are in inventory at standard sizes or available in custom length on a custom order basis. Contact and buy now 

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New Materials Used For Outdoor Furniture

Small outdoor furniture shops all across the US and even Canada are beginning to use recycled plastic lumber as an additional product line or even as an alternative to their wooden furniture lines.

Many of these small shops offer traditional Adirondack chair designs that range from classic shell back designs to ultra modern furniture styles.  The selling factor is often the long term durability that HDPE poly plastic offers, along with extremely low maintenance.  Another key component is the wide array of colors that are available.  Bright red, blue, green and purple chairs are strewn across lake front patios and beach’s.


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Plastic Lumber Stadium Seating

A nominal 2×6 or 2×8 recycled plastic lumber board is easily placed on top of existing stadium seat frames to make a eco friendly and much more fan friendly seating option.

  • Not as cold as steel stadium seats
  • Available in many colors (easily match team colors)
  • Recycled, eco friendly product
  • Lifetime longevity
  • Easily machine and fasten to current frame / structure

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