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Plastic Lumber For Commercial & Government 

 Plastic lumber has long been used for all types of commercial and government applications such as Park furniture and recreation equipment.  The ability to be resilient even under extreme abuse such as graffiti and the outdoor weather-ability are two of the major values for the material.

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Plastic Lumber Concrete Spacers & Nailer Strips

Plastic lumber has long been used in all types of concrete pouring and fabricating scenario’s where a durable and weatherproof product are required.  Utilizing a plastic lumber nailer strip guarantees that there won’t be custom call backs as the synthetic nature of the material guarantees that it won’t rot, crack, splinter or otherwise fail due to the many factors that stress and destroy natural fiber material like treated lumber.

Concrete forms can also be a great application for plastic lumber as they can be used over and over again. Contact us for more information of for samples to prototype with.

  • 2x2x12′
  • 2x4x12′
  • 4x4x12′
  • 2x6x12′

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Plastic Lumber Security Fence

Plastic lumber  profiles can be perfect for privacy fencing, security fencing and commercial fencing.  Often integrated into a steel frame design to properly support the material, plastic lumber is a long term solution to outdoor applications like properly designed fences and security walls.

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2 x 2 plastic lumber ground stakes

Utility grade plastic lumber offers the longevity and durability that will last even in the most extreme outdoor environments.  Uses for 2×2 ground stakes include:

  • Tomato farming support stakes
  • General crop support stakes
  • Landscape border stakes
  • Construction stakes
  • Ground Stakes
  • Materials handling support stakes
  • Packaging / wrapping stakes
  • Barns / Commercial Farming / Manure

The durability of HDPE plastic lumber offers extensive reliability and re-usability.4x4multiple3

  • Not brittle / Can handle rough use
  • Not subject to infestation since there are no natural fibers
  • Extremely durable surface can be beat with a hammer without degradation
  • Can reside permanently in water without degradation
  • Made from 100% recycled plastics / 98+ percent by weight with 2% process additives

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Reduce Call Backs With Plastic Lumber Instead of Treated Lumber

Synthetic plastic lumber offers incredible longevity and durability when compared to treated lumber in many outdoor and or high moisture environments.  Available in many common nominal profile sizes 2x4blk4like 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8 and 2×10 plastic lumber is also available in multiples colors as well.

Produced in the USA with post consumer products the unique attributes of this pure synthetic material can be used in a multitude of non structural applications including roof stands, playgrounds, furniture and many more.

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