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Plastic Lumber Furring Strips

Plastic Lumber is often used in applications where high moisture creates and enviroment that quickly destroys natural fiber products.  Furring strips are used on basement walls, under decks and boardwalks as a type of sleeper and in a plethora of similar applications where a nailing strip or a simply a raised surface is needed.

  • Synthetic nailing strips beneath boardwalks & decks
  • Along basement brick, block and poured concrete walls
  • Exterior of homes beneath siding
  • Remodeling old homes & structures where a simple waterproof furring is needed as a spacer to accomplish a raised floor.

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Plastic Lumber Dunnage


4x4x12' Steel Pipe Dunnage Boards

4x4x12′ Steel Pipe Dunnage Boards

Dunnage boards are utilized in all types of applications where a spacer is need to either keep material up off the ground and out of the dirt or needed to keep separate between layers for ease of storage and secondary handling.  The applications can be both sophisticated or simple including scenarios depicted in the below video where the dunnage blocks are utilized for the a hydraulic leveling and or climbing system.

Dunnage boards historically have utilized natural wood timbers as that was the most readily available and the most inexpensive option however the boards were found to rot, splinter and snap requiring replacement far to often.  Plastic lumber while being more expensive up front offers a long term solution to the breakage and decay of these natural timber boards.  Spacer boards often lay on top of a concrete base allowing the steel to have a protected resting spot without chance of damage.

The use of plastic lumber not only offers long term financial savings and reduced exposure to product damage it additionally takes landfill bound recyclable plastics and gives it a valuable and useful home.

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BestPLUS Plastic Lumber

Plastic Lumber has become a replacement for wood in thousands of applications as the advantages to changing are many.  BestPLUS Plastic Lumber is a unique recycled material offering a low cost alternative for many applications that are already using plastic or applications that are still using wood.

Where BestPLUS is located:

Manufacturing: 1092 Claridge-Elliot Road,  Jeannette, PA 15644

Corporate HQ: 200 Inner Belt Road, Somerville, MA 02143 

Why BestPLUS Plastic Lumber?

  • Price competitive
  • Surface quality
  • Inventory for quick shipment
  • Flexible product options

BestPLUS is a great lumber to be used for nailer boards, landscape timbers, dunnage, industrial scuff boards, rub rails and many more unique applications where a synthetic timber is required.

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Synthetic Nailing Strips For Concrete Forming


Concrete contractors looking a lifetime nailing strip product have been utilizing recycled plastic lumber 2 x 2 x 12′ profiles as a great alternative to wood which rots and is subject to general decay.

Available in large volume and shipped directly to your job-site if needed, 2x2x12′ nailers are also used as spacers in the concrete form industry.

Contact me today to be connected to a retail in your service area.

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Xpotential Products, Inc. Synthetic Landscape Timbers

So who was Xpotential?  The name has been around for years and rumors and samples of their products float about the marketplace even today, years after their demise.

Xpotential Products, Inc. was a manufacturer of fully synthetic timbers that were available to both landscape retail.  When Xpotential closed their doors the only remaining large scale recycled plastic timber manufacturer was BestPLUS of Pittsburgh, PA (www.BestPL.US).

Xpotential Landscape Timbers

Xpotential Landscape Timbers


Xpotential created a unique product that filled a niche in marketplace.  Rail Road ties are less and less popular as an option for landscape timbers while standard wood timbers are more and more expensive.  The synthetic timber offers a lifetime free of maintenance and it will literally look great and perform well until the day you remove it.


XPotential Products

XPotential Products Inc. manufactures a plastic composite which is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and has a life expectancy of 75-100 years. Utilizing world-first technology, our two plants have the production capacity to consistently supply landscape and garden supply centers, home building centers, lumber yards, environmental niche markets, wholesale distributors and discount chains. Our products outlast and outperform concrete and pressure treated lumber and as a result, offer unparalleled value in terms of price and durability.
Product Categories:
06050 Wood + Plastic Materials
06500 Plastic: Structural, Fabrications + Railings
06600 Plastic Lumber + Tubular Plastic
Commercial + Residential

Market International
Founded 1991
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Brands / Products:

Impact Post, Landscape Ties and Impact Curbs.

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