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Recycled Plastic Lumber Fence Posts 

Saving money comes in different forms and when it comes to fence posts saving money looks a lot like buying more expensive posts. 

Doubling and perhaps tripling the lifespan of posts, plastic lumber shows savings after the first ten years. “When replacing rotting wood posts the second round of labor is what really kills you” Jake says. 

Hundreds of posts typically make up a single, even small, fencing project.  Converting a project to plastic posts can jump the project budget up a peg but the long term costs drop through the floor. 

Square and round posts are available in recycled plastic.  Saving millions of pounds of HDPE, LDPE and more from the landfill. 

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Plastic Lumber New York City

Plastic timbers are often used in marine and coastal areas where durability and longevity is key.  New York City benches, decks and more are made from synthetic timbers to eliminate maintainance and long term replacement costs. 

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Synthetic Air Conditionioner & Commercial Utility Roof Stands


Roof Spacers

When working in commercial exterior environments wood is often not the best fitted for the job due to rot, infestation and general maintenance and decay.

Plastic lumber can be used for roof stands and as mounting pedestals in many applications and it will not rot, splinter, become infested, decay or require maintenance of any kind.

Profiles ca be purchase in many sizes so that each project can engineer to that specific locations requirements:

  • 2×4, 2×6, 2×8 & 2×10
  • 2×2, 3×4, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6
  • 1×3, 2″x 3 1/2″ and many more

Using plastic in the place of wood requires that the plastic either be fully supported (fastened directly to the roof) or that spans be limited to 12″ or less.

  • gas pipe supports
  • pipe mounting pedestals
  • ot pipe supports
  • pipe supports for all types and sizes of pipes
  • conduit supports
  • gang pipe support
  • unistrut supports
  • equipment supports 
  • air-conditioners and duct-work supports 


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Roof Stand Category 

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Plastic Lumber on New Jersey Salt Water Sea Front

Plastic lumber has many applications replacing wood along the New Jersey waterfront structures and boardwalks.  Salt water is even more destructive to natural fiber wood components and replacing with wood can eliminate call backs and continual maintainance like painting. 

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Plastic Lumber Rot Board


The use of a rot board along the bottom of a standard wood privacy fence can prolong the life and improve the usefulness in many cases.

This post construction trim board lives its life quietly rotting away as it is pressed against the ground which often offers maximum moisture exposure.

Replacing the use of standard treated timber with synthetic boards eliminates all negative effects of moisture and decay due to harsh exterior enviroment and natural elements.  Additionally a plastic lumber rot board cannot be infested by termites and other insects.  The plastic lumber alternative offers a lifespan as much as 10 times that of treated lumber in this application.

Often utilized profiles include:

  • 2x6x 8′ or by 12′
  • 2x8x 8′ or by 12′
  • 2x10x 8′ or by 12′

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