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2 x 2 plastic lumber ground stakes

Utility grade plastic lumber offers the longevity and durability that will last even in the most extreme outdoor environments.  Uses for 2×2 ground stakes include:

  • Tomato farming support stakes
  • General crop support stakes
  • Landscape border stakes
  • Construction stakes
  • Ground Stakes
  • Materials handling support stakes
  • Packaging / wrapping stakes
  • Barns / Commercial Farming / Manure

The durability of HDPE plastic lumber offers extensive reliability and re-usability.4x4multiple3

  • Not brittle / Can handle rough use
  • Not subject to infestation since there are no natural fibers
  • Extremely durable surface can be beat with a hammer without degradation
  • Can reside permanently in water without degradation
  • Made from 100% recycled plastics / 98+ percent by weight with 2% process additives

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