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Cold Frame Covered Raised Garden Bed

When you are looking for fresh garden produce throughout the winter, nothing is better than a covered garden bed.  Utilizing plastic lumber for the framework offers durability for generations to come which is much longer than other options like natural wood.

Raised garden bed dimensions are often one of the following:

  • 4′ foot by 12′ foot
  • 4′ foot by 10′ foot
  • 4′ foot by 8′ foot
  • 4′ foot by 10′ foot
  • 4′ foot by 12′ foot
  • 6′ foot by 8′ foot
  • 3′ foot by 6′ foot
  • 6′ foot by 6′ foot

common profiles for these types of beds are often two, 2×6 profiles (1.5 x 5.5) placed on top of each other.  Typically the length of the bed is an eight foot span with a four foot width.  Also, beds can be raised to 3, 4 and even 5 foot height to make access and garden tending easier.






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  1. timpletcher says

    This is certainly a great application for plastic lumber! Fortunately some of the low grades of plastic lumber are not that much more costly than wood!

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