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HDPE Lumber Supplier For Lumber Yards

Dimensional plastic lumber is sold direct to lumber yards from the  manufacturer.  Project quotes are available directly from me for immediate and future projects.

How to bid HDPE PLASTIC LUMBER projects

When you receive a request for a bid of plastic lumber here is some information that will be valuable.  Remember, call or contact me any time if you want to discuss this process over the phone or email.

  • Price is by linear foot and not board foot
  • Plastic lumber is manufactured by continuous extrusion and can be cut to any length for your project.  For example if you need 100 of the 2x6x8′ boards and 200 of 2x6x16 thats no problem.
  • Many colors are available, vibrant colors will fade and earth tones will hold their colors for nearly a life time
  • Not all plastic lumber is created equal; if you are making a consumer good make certain you are buying a premium product that is respected in the marketplace as long-lasting and high quality. If you find an inexpensive plastic lumber remember, there is a reason that it is cheap.  Make sure you know the quality of your product!
  • If your project is a non-consumer good and aesthetic qualities are not truly important ask for a “utility” grade of material.  Utility plastics typically vary in color and may have slight surface roughness.  However the actual integrity of the material is the same as far as durability and longevity.

Common questions are usually relating to the comparison of wood and plastic lumber.  By default wood is more rigid than plastic lumber HDPE.  Ask the manufacturer for their technical data specifications and ASTM testing data and supply that to your client.  If your client needs a more rigid material you will need to work with your client to stiffen the blend of plastics used by adding other types of plastic or fiber into the mix.


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