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Manure Spreader Floor Replacement Plastic Lumber Boards

Manure spreaders take a beating and many manufacturing companies are turning to POLYWOOD HDPE plastic lumber as an excellent alternative.  For the purposes of farming and specifically working with manure, there isn’t any need for a “pretty” or in other words aesthetically pleasing surface.  This makes the price of poly lumber much more competitive as a high amount of recycled post consumer and industrial plastics can be utilized in the extrusion process without decreasing product durability.

Poly lumber will cost on average 50% to 70% more than pressure treated but it has many advantages the offer a competitive opportunity in the marketplace.

  • Poly Lumber boards last up to 50+ years even with heavy use
  • HDPE polywood is impervious to moisture and most chemicals
  • Poly boards are able to flex a little and our unique mixture of plastics allows for reduced expansion and contraction
  • HDPE floor boards are a great selling advantage point!

Multiple profiles are available including tongue and groove.  Contact me today for more information on plastic lumber prices and availability.

Commonly used profiles include three quarter by six and one by six plastic lumber boards.  Often a tongue and groove board is used to lock the seams together.

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