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Plastic Lumber Dunnage


4x4x12' Steel Pipe Dunnage Boards

4x4x12′ Steel Pipe Dunnage Boards

Dunnage boards are utilized in all types of applications where a spacer is need to either keep material up off the ground and out of the dirt or needed to keep separate between layers for ease of storage and secondary handling.  The applications can be both sophisticated or simple including scenarios depicted in the below video where the dunnage blocks are utilized for the a hydraulic leveling and or climbing system.

Dunnage boards historically have utilized natural wood timbers as that was the most readily available and the most inexpensive option however the boards were found to rot, splinter and snap requiring replacement far to often.  Plastic lumber while being more expensive up front offers a long term solution to the breakage and decay of these natural timber boards.  Spacer boards often lay on top of a concrete base allowing the steel to have a protected resting spot without chance of damage.

The use of plastic lumber not only offers long term financial savings and reduced exposure to product damage it additionally takes landfill bound recyclable plastics and gives it a valuable and useful home.

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  1. moa adam says

    good after noon dear,

    I am interesting about plastic product

    4×4 Plastic Replacing Hardwood For Industrial Off Shore Pipe Storage

    4×4 plastic profiles replace hardwood in this industrial pipe application. Historically thousands of pieces of hardwood are replaced semi annually

    please send for me all details, data sheet, price,,,ect,

    Moa Awni

    • admin says

      Thank you Moa! Happy to assist. Please reach out at your convenience (630) five four nine- 5876

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