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Plastic Lumber Home Depot

Home Depot and many other major home retail stores like Lowes offer all types of plastics products including fencing, dimensional lumber and decking.  But many are asking, what type of material exactly is offered?  There is an easy solution, when you have found a product at Home Depot that is the right fit, color style, product etc look for the brand or identification details.  There will be a description of the material composition either directly with the product or attached to the brand (search the internet if needed for brand details).

Composite lumber is most typical and is actually a blended material that includes some type of natural fibers along side synthetic plastics.  This is certainly a durable material and offers unique technical specifications that meet many applications.  However there are 100% synthetic materials that can offer a much longer life span (incredibly longer).  There certainly are trade off’s as synthetic materials can often have much more expansion and contraction that blended products.

Home Depot will of course offer you much more information concerning their product line, but hopefully this post has offered you some insights.


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