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Poly Lifetime Reusable Concrete Forms

Using plastic lumber for concrete forms offer several advantages over wood forms.  First, plastic lumber can be used many times without even signs of wear and it will not rot, splinter, crack or warp.  Secondly plastic lumber can easily be bent to any shape needed for the project.  Bell curves, “S” curves, circles and “U” bends are no problem.  Third, plastic lumber will not ad-hear to the concrete and the forms come of easily after the concrete is cured.

Here are some general advantages to plastic lumber:

  1. Won’t rot
  2. Can’t be infested
  3. Resistant to most all chemicals
  4. Lasts forever because it doesn’t break down
  5. Very durable
  6. Bends easily many times over
  7. Won’t ad-hear to glues or concrete
  8. Can be fastened if needed
  9. Can easily be routed and milled
  10. Comes in many different colors


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